Silvio Da Ponte Designer

Silvio Da Ponte

Architect and designer.
He is teacher at the IED,
the Domus Academy
and the Technical College in Milan,
and at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

He attends to the lighting of Milan, Rome, the Cadorna northern railways, the art gallery at the Capitolino Museum and, moreover, the fitting out and the lighting plans for the “Il dolce stil Novo della casa” – Strozzi Palace, Florence, “Architettura & Natura” – “Mole Antonelliana”, Turin and “Package” – City of Science, Naples.
For the “Triennale” in Milan, he attends to “Oltre il viaggio globale” -1994, the retrospective about Lucio Fontana -1999 and “100 forme della Luce: Italia, 1945-2000” -2000. In the year 2000 he publishes “Architetture di Luce” Gangemi edition, Rome.
From 1999 he is responsible for the image of the international exhibitions and the exposures of the Fiat trademark and the Fiat commercial vehicles.
He projects theatres, stages, flats and offices interiors, objects of Design.

Flamingo - Silvio De Ponte
Flamingo - Silvio De Ponte