Fonderie Viterbesi
arose from a dream 1960

Today the company is specialized in several sectors: from outdoor lighting to urban and garden furniture, to mechanical fusion for industry, thanks to its consistent policy of expansion, research and development of products and materials. The new company’s manufacturing facilities take up a total of 40.000 sqm space and the warehouses cover the area of 10.000 sqm. Fonderie Viterbesi  is also on the market in the Middle East with an office based in Dubai.

Fonderie Viterbesi FV Group

Life in Town

Having a city functional and aesthetically pleasing (pleasant, beautiful) with areas well cleaned increases life expectancy because it means make people happy and smiling in everyday life.


Fonderie Viterbesi check every single manufacturing process from project to the casting, workmachine, packaging and final delivery to the customers. It is fully committed to research, and development and investment
in new modern processes to ensure the best customer service possible.



Application of primary materials is at the base of our production. High quality materials guarantee the resistance to usury, durability and safety use.
Cast iron: is the material which we know perfectly and thorough which we achieved the position of the leader in the field.
Steel: commonly used in manufacturing of all our range of products both hot deep galvanised or powder-coated steel available in all colours from our colour chart.
Stainless steel: material of an undisputed charm for a host of commercial applications where high resistance for harsh environments and specific ambient condition is required.
Iroko Wood: material with a hardness that ensures high impact resistance and abrasion.



Fonderie Viterbesi has chosen AkzoNobel has official partner to ensure quality paint on his products for other 2000 hours of salt spray chambers.



Our certifications issued by ICIM (Certification body for Mechanic Industries) are internationally recognized by IQNET (The International Certification Network). ISO 9001:2008 awarded to Fonderie Viterbesi by the IQNET the International Certifying body guarantees the company’s full compliance with its terms: design, planning, production, development, testing for all lines of

Certificazioni - Fonderie Viterbesi


Fonderie Viterbesi was born in 60’s Years as cast-iron manhole
cover manufacturer and it quickly began a leader in this field.

Fonderie Viterbesi


In 90’s Years born the urban furniture division with more than 100 articles.


Born street and residential ligthing division.


New painting line system with product’s guarantee of 2000 hours in salt spray chamber.

Fonderie Viterbesi


Enlarging of Vertik and IT Light sector with technological and design articles.


Moving offices and warehouse in front of highway A1 in new area of 40.000 sqm.


Construction of new offices an exhibition of more than 2.000 sqm.

Fonderie Viterbesi


The Department of Technical Foundries Viterbesi is alongside the designer who maintains the project starting from the simple idea to completion by finding the optimal balance between style and technology.

Silvio Da Ponte

Meneghello Paolelli Ass

Piercarlo Crachi